Halloween & MileHiCon

In this wrap-up for the month of October, Nathan talks about the individualism expressed in children's Halloween costumes, and gives his impressions from Denver's 46th annual MileHiCon.

The Thing With No Name

Rounding out his trilogy of shows about the macabre, Nathan talks about "The Thing With No Name"--Frankenstein,The Terminator,HAL9000 from Kubrick's 2001--stories about human inventions gone wrong, parallels to the myth of Prometheus.

Lecter & Dexter: Halloween Horror

With Halloween coming up, a discussion of monsters - and in particular, serial killers - seemed a propos. Nathan talks about Psycho's Norman Bates, Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs, and Dexter,and their real-life counterparts.