An Interview with Jane Getz (Transcription)

I had the opportunity to interview music producer,songwriter, and musician Jane Getz, about her new book Running With the Big Dogs. In the course of the interview we discussed Jane's experiences playing as a seventeen year-old jazz "sideman" in New York City in the 1960s.

An Interview with Jane Getz

Author, songwriter, producer, and jazz musician:Jane Getz has done it all, and in this interview, Nathan gets Jane to talk about her incredible history as a jazz sideman in New York City in the 1960s, detailed in her new book, Running With the Big Dogs.

Jazz: The Music of Freedom and Greatness

Greatness is the price tag of "unhampered, unhindered, complete freedom." Jazz music not only dares us to pay that price, it gives us a model that shows us how, and gives us a wonderful, uniquely American art form that demonstrates why the price is worth it.

Breaking Down the Pop Culture Wall

Recorded at Liberty On the Rocks—Flatirons, Nathan gives his presentation on the way that political conservatives need to start talking and thinking about popular culture. 

Interview: Marc Olson, Songwriter and Philanthropist

Nathan's guest for this podcast, Marc Olson, is the singer, songwriter and leader of Odin's Other Eye, a progressive rock band in Denver.

Breaking Down the Pop Culture Wall: The Pre-Game Show

On January 26th, right before a presentation he gave to Liberty On the Rocks Flatirons, Nathan recorded a podcast with special guest Bryan Cutsinger of Brushfire Radio.

The Price of Genius

What is the nature of the artist - what is it to be a creative genius, and what price do these people pay?  Can happiness and genius exist in the same person?